About Us

Just like Art & Music, Jewellery is also timeless. It reflects our personality & portrays our sense of style. Jewellery, unlike any other accessory we may adorn, never goes out of fashion.

The challenge with owning & indulging in well-crafted jewellery is the cost and security associated with it. This where we decided to step in and position ourselves. Shi creates stunning semi-precious jewellery that lasts forever. Now there is no need to choose between quality & affordability.

So plan your wardrobe with confidence & be spoilt for choices. Look forward with anticipation for dressing up for business lunches, impromptu vacations, destination weddings & summer brunches – All with SHI.

Shi was established in 2018 to celebrate design & innovation through our unique collection of semi-precious jewellery. Shi strives to maintain a consisting theme & elemental balance between the old & the new, and the simple & the intricate. It uses 92% silver as its base metal and a plethora of other elements such as shell pearls, semi-precious stones, and rare beads.


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Easy To Use and maintain
We’ve put a lot of thought in giving you the best possible experience. It is elegant as well as sturdy at the same time.
Outstanding Support
You can write to us or even give us a call. If you have something to say about our products we are all ears.
Designed with a though
Every design, since its inception to the delivery packaging, has been handcrafted to provide you delight.
Careful Crafted
We use original shell pearls. We have stringent quality checks to make sure you get nothing less than the best piece.
Faith in our products
If you bought from us and have used our product for a year or more, we give you a discount on your purchase if you would want to exchange it with another set of ours.
Simple return policies
Just like you, we like simplicity. Hence we have made sure even the returns are hassel free for you.